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Why Restaurant Employees Should Always Wear Name Badges

White Castle Name Tags and BadgesFrom the moment you step inside a restaurant until you pay your check at the end of the meal, there are several times where name tags improve the customer experience.

In many restaurants, the host or hostess doesn’t wear the same uniform as waitstaff. For these employees, a branded name tag is beneficial in helping diners recognize them as part of the staff. Knowing where to go and who to approach when entering the restaurant goes a long way in creating a pleasant experience.

Having all waiters and waitresses wearing branded name badges also improves the customer experience. If you’ve ever needed to ask another waiter to send yours back to the table, you know how hard it can be to relay that message when you don’t know the person’s name. Having every waiter or waitress in a name tag eliminates this problem completely.

Name badges also increase feelings of camaraderie and teamwork among staff. It helps newer team members learn their coworkers names and allows existing employees to learn the identities of newer staff members.

Choosing a name tag that includes your restaurant logo is a great branding opportunity. Every time a customer sees your logo, especially next to the friendly face of their waiter, it creates a positive connection to your restaurant and increases the likelihood of repeat visits.

Another important reason to have your employees wearing name badges is for security and safety. Only employees with a badge should be allowed in the bar or kitchen, or where you’re handling customer payments. And, if there is ever an accident, everyone can be easily identified by their badge.

For restaurants, we recommend reusable dome name tags or name and logo plastic name tags.