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Why Every School Should Use Name Tags For Teachers and Administrators

The start of a new year school is a good time to order new badges for all school employees, including:

  • Teachers
  • Teacher’s aides
  • Administrative staff
  • Librarians
  • Resource officers
  • Guidance counselors
  • Cafeteria staff
  • Janitorial staff
  • Security officers
  • Classroom volunteers

In a school setting, name badges offer the following benefits:

Ease of Identification

Coming back to or starting school can be a stressful time for students. The transition feels a little easier when they can see that all teachers and school staff members have the same name badge and they know who to turn to for help. Similarly, when parents come on campus for special events or to pick up their child, seeing the name and role of each person on the staff increases feelings of safety and security and represents the school in a professional way. Name recognition helps to foster a feeling of community for all on campus — from students and teachers to lunchroom staff and librarians.

More Safety and Security 

When school staff are required to wear name badges, it makes it very easy to identify who does and does not belong on campus. This is a great extra security measure at the start of the year when new and unfamiliar students, teachers, and staffers are wandering the campus. By including the role of each staff member on their name badge, students feel an increased sense of safety and security, knowing there is a vast network of adults to turn to for support.

Even though there are important reasons to have name badges for all your school staff, they don’t need to be dull and boring. We recommend using our rectangle name and logo plastic name tags or oval name and logo name badges and, in addition to each staffer’s name and title:

  • Choosing school colors for the name badge
  • Adding the school logo, monogram, or mascot
  • Incorporating a phrase, quote, or mantra
  • Adding the number of years a staff has worked for the school
  • Including a hole for school pins

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