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Product Spotlight: Blank Name Tags

There are several businesses that may want to consider blank name badges over traditional pre-printed name tags.

Businesses with High Employee Turnover: In workplaces with many temporary or seasonal employees, pre-printed name tags aren’t always cost-effective. Blank name badges allow for quick and easy updates with new names without having to reorder tags every time someone leaves. This is common in restaurants, retail stores, or event companies.

Businesses on a Budget: Blank name badges are generally cheaper than pre-printed ones, especially in bulk. This can be a cost-saving measure for startups or businesses on a tight budget.

Businesses with Name Changes: If a business undergoes a name change or rebranding, blank name tags allow them to avoid having to replace all their existing name badges. They can simply update the information on the blank tags.

Organizations with Evolving Teams: Organizations with frequently changing departments or teams can benefit from blank name tags. This allows them to update titles or department information on the tags as needed.

Organizations with Many Departments: One-size-fits-all pre-printed tags might not work if your organization has various departments. With blank name tags, you can easily color-code or add departmental titles for better identification.

Startups and New Businesses: Blank name tags are a budget-friendly option that allow business owners to delay the cost of logo name badges until their brand identity is finalized.

Here are some of the benefits of using blank name tags:

  • Affordability: As mentioned above, blank name tags are generally cheaper than pre-printed ones. This can be a significant cost savings, especially for businesses that need a large number of name tags.
  • Flexibility: Blank name tags allow for more flexibility in terms of how you customize them. You can use a variety of methods to add names and titles, such as handwriting, labels, or printing.
  • Reusability: Blank name badges can be reused over and over again, which can help to reduce waste. When an employee leaves, you can simply remove their name and reuse the tag for a new employee.
  • Customization: With blank name tags, you have more control over the overall look and design of your name tags. You can add your company logo or other graphics to the tags if you want.
    Speed and Efficiency: With blank name tags, you can create a name badge on the spot, eliminating the need to wait for pre-ordered tags, especially helpful for last-minute hires.

While logo only name tags and name and logo badges have their place, blank name tags are a great, cost-effective alternative. These are the products mentioned in this post:

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