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Even The Smallest Businesses Can Benefit From Using Name Tags

man wearing a rectangular logo only name badgeIf you run a very small business – say a fruit stand at your town’s weekend farmer’s market – you may think that you don’t really need a name badge. But regardless if you’re the only one involved in your company or if you have a small team supporting you, name tags play a very important role in helping to establish yourself and garnering positive attention from potential customers.

When customers can match a name to a face and address you (or your staff) by name, it creates a sense of community and allows you to build rapport with each other. Given the choice of being a nameless number in the grocery store checkout line or shopping from a friendly and familiar face at the farmer’s market, many people prefer the latter.

Wearing a name tag is also an added branding opportunity, especially important for small businesses without a brick and mortar location, a website, or a big ad budget. Every little bit helps and having a professional name badge with your logo on it is a nice touch that adds legitimacy to your company. Customers notice when a business owner believes enough in their own product or service to invest in it — whether by purchasing custom name tags or t-shirts or adding a logo decal to their truck or van.

So no matter how fledgling your business may be, your dreams are not! Invest in yourself and put your most professional foot forward with new name badges. Our logo only name badges are reusable which makes them a perfect choice for those with a tighter budget. You simply use a label maker or dry erase pen to fill in employee names as needed. They’re an affordable and durable option for businesses of every type.

Our name tags are available in metal or plastic, come in a variety of colors and with several fastener options. Not sure where to start? Let us help.