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DIY Domed Name Tags for Big Box Retailers

These retail employee name badges are affordable, reusable, and easy to set up. Just download the template that coordinates with your badge size and shape or use a dry erase marker to create professional do-it-yourself tags in minutes.

These dome name tags consist of 3 parts — the durable metal insert, an acrylic dome lens, and a fastener (pin or magnet). They’re available in a variety of sizes and shapes, including several rectangular options, a square option, and two oval options. You can also choose between brushed silver, brushed gold, or a white metal backing. The variety of options ensures that every retailer can find something that suits their needs.

These reusable domed name tags are ideal for big box retailers like BJ’s Wholesale, Costco, and Sam’s Club where staff turnover is high and managers want to keep overhead low while maintaining professionalism. Kits start at less than $4 apiece, can be customized with whatever info you like, and can be updated and reused for years to come.

Looking for new, affordable name tags for your big box store? Order name tag dome kits here or check out our logo name tags here.