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Cheap Dry Erase Name Badges Are Great For Events

When organizing a large event, professionalism is key. Ensure everyone is easily recognizable and that introductions are easy by providing attendees with professional-looking name tags. Our cheap dry erase name badges are the perfect solution to keep your event on budget. Names can be written with dry or wet erase markers. For multi-day events, we recommend using wet erase markers for added durability and longevity.

We carry the following dry erase name tags:

The blank dry erase name badges are the cheapest option, and cost less than $1.00 each. They can be reused over and over making them an excellent choice for organizations that host multiple events each year.

The cheap dry erase name badges are about the same thickness as a credit card and include a fastener. Each order includes a dry or wet erase marker so you can start using the name tags as soon as they arrive.

If you have questions about dry or wet erase name tag options, contact us here.