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Affordable Round Name Tags For Businesses 

Round Logo Only Name Tags & Name BadgesLike all name badges, round name tags serve to strengthen your brand and corporate identity, create a better customer experience, improve communication in the workplace, and enhance safety and security.

Get creative and set your business apart by choosing round name tags, sometimes called circular name tags, for your employees instead of the more basic rectangular name badges chosen by most companies. Your customers are sure to notice and appreciate the distinctive shape. Our 2.5” round name tags are:

  • Affordable name tags
  • Durable and designed to last
  • Unique and impressive
  • Large enough to include your logo, a tagline, employee name, employee job title
  • Easy to read
  • Made of high-quality fiberglass plastic
  • Available with or without a fastener
  • Easy to customize
  • Shipped free on orders over $100

Because round name tags have a large face that makes them exceptionally easy to read, they are the perfect choice for schools and daycares, assisted living and nursing home facilities, physician and healthcare practices, hospitals, restaurants, summer camps, car dealerships, and many others.

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