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Affordable Name Badges for Summer Camp

There are many reasons that it’s a great idea to use name badges for summer camp, for campers and counselors alike, including:

Identifying Camp Counselors

Counselors and camp staff should have a branded custom name tags that include the camp logo as well as the staffer’s name and position. Photo name tags are another good option that enhance security and build trust with both campers and their parents.

Grouping and Identifying Campers

Name badges can be used to identify important information about campers, such as medical alerts and allergies, age, cabin assignment, etc. Fun logos and camp critters can be used to group campers by age, cabin, team, or skill level making this information readily visible to counselors, staff, and other campers. For this, we’d recommend our “Hello, My Name Is” sticker name tags or dry erase reusable name tags.

Fostering Connection

Perhaps most importantly, name badges help campers get through the awkward stage of making new friends. By providing everyone on-site with name tags, it’s easier for kids to find their cabin mates and make introductions. Making those scary first few hours at camp a little easier improves the experience for everyone involved.

For more help picking out name badges for your summer camp, contact us here.