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Why Employees Working in Disaster-Impacted Areas Should Wear Name Tags

If you’ve ever lived in a community affected by severe hurricane or tornado damage, you know that these storms can arise quickly and leave broad swaths of damage in their wake. In the months that follow, calls and visits from insurance adjusters, roofing contractors, surveyors, inspectors, charitable organizations seeking donations, and others become increasingly frequent. It can be difficult to discern the legitimate agencies from those looking to capitalize on residents’ fear and vulnerability.

One way a company working in a disaster-impacted region can show legitimacy and transparency is by providing every single employee with a name badge. These badges should include the employee’s name, the organization name, and official license numbers proving that they are legally authorized to work in the affected state.

We recommend these name tags for a variety of people working in post-storm restoration and remediation, including:

  • Linemen and public utility restoration workers
  • Cable and internet restoration workers
  • Sanitation workers
  • Roofing and building contractors
  • Demolition and debris removal crews
  • Water removal and mold remediation crews
  • Aid and relief organization teams, such as FEMA and Red Cross
  • Donation pick up and drop off teams
  • Community volunteers

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