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Affordable and Convenient Blank Metal Name Tags

Blank metal name tags are one of our most popular products – and for good reason. They are professional, affordable, and offer flexibility and convenience ideal for high turnover positions. They are commonly used by seasonal salespersons, hotel staff, and interns or for events where attendees may not be known in advance such as large conferences, PTA meetings, real estate mixers, and more.

The blank metal tags are made of aluminum and come in three metal colors – white, brushed silver, or brushed gold. A variety of fastener or back of tag options are also available, including: tuck under pins, magnetic fasteners, alligator clips, rolling clasp pins, and more.

Names and positions can be added by adhering a label or sticker to the tag, or by writing on them with marker.

In addition to completely blank metal tags, we also offer logo only blank metal name tags in rectangular or oval shapes for customers seeking an even more professional design option. These tags have your company name or logo printed at the top with blank space for names and job titles below. They aren’t as inexpensive as the blank metal name tags but are durable and long-lasting and are our most professional looking blank tags.

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