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Name Tags and Badges

Blank Name Tags

by Francis McVeigh on 03/10/18

The most inexpensive way to go when purchasing name tags, by ordering blank name tags you keep the custom production to a minimum. It will also let you set the tag up with your own name and title using your own label gun. Plastic or metal you can choose which attachment to use, magnet, pin or clip. Fast shipping and low price blank name tags and badges are the way to go when ordering name tags online at a disount.

Magnetic Name Tags

by Francis McVeigh on 02/01/18

We are excited to move our name tag company into the new year, we are saving our customers thousands of dollars with our low price name tag magnets and name badges.

We just received a new shipment of our branded magnets, super strong triple disc magnets to hold your name tags on. Easy ordering at an affordable price.
Come visit our store!

Name Badges for The Holidays!

by Francis McVeigh on 11/20/17

Every year we get many requests for Holiday Name Tags. Parties, Conventions and businesses alike we can create bagdes with just about any image. Call us now for your Festive Party Name Tags (800)375-0481

We Stand for the National Anthem!

by Francis McVeigh on 10/12/17

Proud Veterans work here! We fought for our nation and lost brothers and sisters for what the flag represents. Opportunity and Equality, if you work hard and do not listen to naysayers you can achieve just about anything! God Bless America and all who reside under the blanket of Freedom!

Surviving the Hurricanes

by Francis McVeigh on 09/18/17

We are up and running and blessed Hurricane Irma spared us any damage. Good Luck and Prayers to the rest of Florida.

Blank Name Tags

by Francis McVeigh on 08/16/17

Everybody wants to save a little money. Blank name tags for your business is one way to keep shaving off the expenses. Many colors to choose from. Use a dry erase marker or label. Come have a Look See!

Casino Name Tags

by Francis McVeigh on 07/27/17

Chad is working hard pressing 100's of badges for a chain of casino's. We are excited about our new customer and shipping in record time. 

Improved Production!

by Francis McVeigh on 07/19/17

We are now getting badges out the door faster than ever thanks to our new assembly line. Go Team!

Winning the Race!

by Francis McVeigh on 07/12/17

Motivation and Hard Work = Success!

Making the Most of the Day!

by Francis McVeigh on 07/06/17

Today we started out early and have been creating oval name tags into the afternoon. We are excited about our results, let us know what you think. 

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

by Francis McVeigh on 07/01/17

Even though the 4th falls on Tuesday this year, we are going to live it up like Rock Stars this weekend! Have Fun Florida Badges Team and all alike!!

Happy Independence Day!!!

Metal Reusable Name Badges

by Francis McVeigh on 06/29/17

One of todays production runs. We love these name badges!!

Beautiful full color reusable metal name badges, Tan Happy! 

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten." -
 Tony Robbins

Magnetic name tags and the spinner

by Francis McVeigh on 06/27/17

Todays assembly will require many magnets and maybe a little spinning in the middle. Strong magnetic name tags to keep your shirts sharp!

Magnetic Reusable Name Tags

Constant And Neverending Improvement

Finding the perfect opportunity

by Francis McVeigh on 06/23/17

You never know when opportunity will present itself, best to be prepared.

"Forgive yourself for your faults and your mistakes and move on" ~ Les Brown

Domed Name Tags with Magnets

by Francis McVeigh on 06/21/17

We are excited to be able to now offer SEVEN different dome name tag sizes and shapes.

Three metal color inserts to choose with each size. Come have a look

Reusable oval name tags

by Francis McVeigh on 06/15/17

Reusable oval name tags are whats on the menu today. Dry erase or a label will complete todays magnetic oval name tag. Randys BBQ badge makes us hungry for some pulled pork and ribs. Lunch for the Crew!

"Life has no limitations, except the ones you make"  ~ Les Brown

Blank Name Badges with stick pin fastener

by Francis McVeigh on 06/14/17

For us it is an exciting day to create name tags! We are in the process of cutting and pinning a 4000 piece blank name tag order. These tags will be used with dry erase marker for an event at the forum in LA. Blank Name Tags

Go Florida Badges Team!

"Our ability to handle life's challenges is a measure of our strength of character" ` Les Brown

Reusable Name Tags for Church Ushers

by Francis McVeigh on 06/13/17

Today we are creating reusable logo name tags for our local church. Year to date we are told we have saved the church approximately $500 on name badges. Go Florida Badges!!

"We have to live life with a sense of urgnecy so not a minute is wasted"

~ Les Brown

Reusable Domed Name Tags

by Francis McVeigh on 06/12/17

Reusable domed name tags for budget conscience businesses. Our domed reusable name tags snap together and use easy peel and stick fasteners. Use dry erase or a label to complete the name tag. Best to choose a free sample before buying, come have a look.

Reusable Name Tags and Badges
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